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Top 5 Xbox 360 Fighting Games →

Whether it’s sitting down to beat up a friend or logging online to beat up total strangers, the challenge and depth of a fighting game can keep players enthralled for years.

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No Heroes Allowed!

Developer: Acquire
Release Date: November 2, 2010
Platform: PSP
$9.99 (PlayStation Network)

Everyone knows that the coolest character in a video game isn’t the hero; it’s the villain. They get to wear cooler outfits, have master plans and let loose diabolical minions rather than sully their own hands. No Heroes Allowed! lets you do all these things as an 8-bit God of Destruction working along side the powerful demon lord Badman.

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Top 5 PS3 First-Person Shooters →

No genre gets more people online and blowing each other up than first-person shooters.


Top 5 Wii Party Games →

Video games are best served with a large side of friends and raucous laughter. With no actual holidays in sight, I feel the need to make something up to have a bunch of friends over. Maybe we’ll celebrate Tax Deadline Day?

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Phantasy Star Character Creator


This week, SEGA released an application that will let fans pre-create characters for the upcoming PC/PS Vita MMO, Phantasy Star Online 2. This is great news for me, because with about one year before the game’s release, I might finally have enough time to make the character I want.

The software is in Japanese, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. If you really want to know what’s what, you can check out this guide explaining many of the options.


I love how you can pick pre-constructed builds for each body feature if you’re not looking to dive in too deep, yet you still have the option to fine tune minor details like chin size, or how pointy your Newman’s ears are. It’s a vast improvement over any other Phantasy Star title.

You can download the application here which also has a benchmark to see how well the game will run on your PC. Be sure to share with me any of your creations and tell me what you think of these two characters I made!

Joel McHale Goes Viral for Nintendo

You may recognize Joel McHale for being the only reason to watch Community on NBC or as the host of The Soup on E!. But now he’s taken on the much loftier role as the Mushroom King, bringing his hallmark sarcasm to promote the Nintendo 3DS in a viral video that dissects itself along the way. I have to give Nintendo kudos for actually going just a touch into the risque side of things.

While this video doesn’t make me want a 3DS any more than I did, I think this one is a winner. Do you agree?

Listen to the foe from afar… Watch him up close.

Best Nintendo DS Strategy Games →

I love the smell of Nintendo in the morning. It smells like…victory.
I never get enough strategy gaming; it’s probably my favorite genre (especially when you mix in a few RPG elements). The DS works so perfectly with these games, too. But I’ve always regretted that the one thing they never managed to do was make one with an online multiplayer mode I could enjoy.