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Empire of the Eclipse

Developer: ZarkSoft
Release Date: June 05, 2012
Platforms: iOS
Price: $2/month

Lately, I’ve been looking for some iOS titles with a little more meat on the bone; something that can actually get me involved –not just addicted. What I finally came up with was Empire of the Eclipse, a massively multiplayer real time strategy game played out over the course of months. While there are definitely a few bugs to work out, and the balance isn’t quite there yet, the promise of a deeply strategic game with plenty of player interaction is more than enough to keep me shooting for the stars.

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Phantasy Star Character Creator


This week, SEGA released an application that will let fans pre-create characters for the upcoming PC/PS Vita MMO, Phantasy Star Online 2. This is great news for me, because with about one year before the game’s release, I might finally have enough time to make the character I want.

The software is in Japanese, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. If you really want to know what’s what, you can check out this guide explaining many of the options.


I love how you can pick pre-constructed builds for each body feature if you’re not looking to dive in too deep, yet you still have the option to fine tune minor details like chin size, or how pointy your Newman’s ears are. It’s a vast improvement over any other Phantasy Star title.

You can download the application here which also has a benchmark to see how well the game will run on your PC. Be sure to share with me any of your creations and tell me what you think of these two characters I made!